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Ladies, if you suffer from menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, there are flower essences that can help relieve these frustrating issues. Contact me for your custom formula.

Reiki Retreat, Retreat, Reiki for Kids, Children Reiki

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About Vicka Lanier

I was born, raised and still live in Montana. Perhaps the wide-open spaces and clean air have had something to do with my outlook on life. I love Nature, Mother Earth and all her creatures. Simple and natural are key words for me and that may be part of why I was drawn to Reiki and Flower Essences.

I discovered my true calling (if you'll pardon that old-fashioned phrase) of helping others in 1999 when I was introduced to animal communication.  During one of these workshops, I learned about Reiki.  After my Reiki I training in 2000, I knew that Reiki would be part of my life's work and decided to continue on through Mastership training.

Not too long after I started my Reiki training, I read about Flower Essences and was so intrigued with them that I took a practitioner workshop in California.  They have become an integral part of my practice.  My journey into Reiki and Flower Essences has now become my true vocation, and being able to help others heal is a wonderful feeling.

Loving animals as I do, I've taken the healing of Reiki and Flower essences to my animal friends.  Being able to help them with such natural, strong yet gentle healing methods is wonderful.  Just like humans, our animal cohorts can benefit from both of these healing modalities.

I use Young Living Essential Oils and am a distributor now and using them everyday.

I am an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Flower Essence Practitioner and belong to the IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals) and Flower Essence Society.  Having completed the 1st and 2nd Levels of training, I am also a Karuna® Reiki Practitioner.  I have also completed DNA I and II Theta training.  I am an Angelic Reiki practitioner, having completed Levels 1 and 2. In the following pages I discuss Reiki and Flower Essence Therapy.  I hope either of these types of energy work can help you and/or your animal friend live a more fulfilling and happy life.


Vicka Lanier



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