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Reiki Retreat, Retreat, Reiki for Kids, Children Reiki

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Reiki Services
Offered by Vicka

Reiki Treatment Services

The full Reiki treatment takes one hour.  This addresses the complete body.  Shorter sessions can be scheduled to target specific problems or areas of the body that need work or to fit the client's time limits and budget.  The fee is dependent upon length of the treatment.

  *   1 Hour Treatment -   $50.00
 *  1/2 Hour Treatment - $35.00

Healing Attunements

A Healing Attunement is a special treatment I offer when intense healing is needed. Because the energy brought in by an attunement is of a higher frequency, the healing energies are even stronger and more effective than the Reiki energy of a regular treatment. The healing attunement clears the aura and creates a more receptive state for healing. This special energy is particularly effective in removing negative energy and blocks in the energy flow. It can also empower one's goals, helping a person achieve them by releasing blocks to success and negative, fearful feelings.

An additional technique called Energy Surgery can follow the Healing Attunement when extra clearing of blocks is needed. This method of energy work targets specific blocks and removes them, allowing the client to let go of negative energy and thoughts.

Healing Attunement - $30.00
Healing Attunement with Energy Surgery - $45.00
Healing Attunement with added 1/2 hour Reiki session - $65.00

Tune-up Attunement (for Reiki Practitioners/Students)

When a person is attuned to Reiki in a Reiki class, they will be able to do Reiki for the rest of their life. And though you would never need another attunement, additional ones will refine and strengthen the Reiki energy you now have. I offer this service to any Reiki practitioner or student. If you aren't my current or previous student, proof of your highest Reiki attunement must be provided.

Tune-up Attunement - $30

Long Distance Reiki

Reiki across the miles is also very powerful.  Using a special technique, Reiki can be sent long distance because distance is not relevant in energy work.  Wherever you send it, it goes.  I have sent Reiki to Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Boston, New York and Paris, France and Montana as well as locally.  A long distance session lasts about 30 minutes and costs $20.00. This is usually at the client's bedtime so they can drop off to sleep at the end of the session.  Because only the energy is sent, there is no verbal contact with the client after we set a time for the sending.

Have Reiki – Will Travel

If you live in the Polson, MT area, I make house calls for Reiki treatments. The fee would be the same as an office visit plus $5.00 for travel and set-up.

I also travel to give classes outside the Polson, MT area. If you have two or more people interested in learning Reiki, contact me and we can set up a weekend for training. The fee per person would be the same as noted in the Classes fee section plus travel expenses.




Reiki Classes


Anyone can be a Reiki practioner by receiving an attunement.  The attunement or initiation is a gentle, sacred process given by the Reiki Master Teacher.  The attunement clears your energy channels so you can more easily bring in the life force energy and transfer it to someone else.

Reiki I is the beginning level in which a person learns to do self-Reiki and to give Reiki to others after you receive the attunement(s).  In Reiki II you are introduced to three of the five symbols that are used in Usui Reiki.  The symbols increase your energy flow and make the Reiki more powerful.  Then in Reiki III, you learn about the last two symbols.  In Mastership training, you learn how to give attunements and become a Reiki teacher, deepening into your Reiki knowledge and practioner work.

I offer Reiki classes for Levels I, II, III, and Mastership.  There is a one to two month practice period between classes.  This allows the student to practice on themselves and others, deepen into the Reiki energy and become more familiar with energy work.  Also, it gives the student time to complete the requirements necessary to receive their class Certificate.

Reiki I is offered as an intensive one day workshop.  We cover the basics of what Reiki is, how it works, its history, basic energy body anatomy, the attunements, self-Reiki and hands-on practice on others.

Reiki II classes are an intensive day-long training. They include the additional attunement, Reiki symbol introduction (first three symbols), learning how to send long distance, hands-on practice using the symbols, and learning about additional healing techniques.

Reiki III is a one day training including the next attunement, additional symbol training, hands-on practice and other healing techniques.

Mastership training is a 6 mo.-1yr training period, including intensive reading in the energy work field, a case study, journaling, hands-on practice, and the addition of other healing modalities to your practice.

Reiki For Kids

I now teach children, ages 9 - 15, a Reiki I class geared to their age level.  The class is a 1/2 day, and they learn all the basics that adults do in the beginners class and how to do Self Reiki and Reiki for others.

Reiki Class Fees

Reiki I - $80.00
Reiki II - $200.00
Reiki III - $250.00
Master Apprenticeship - $ 700.00

  Reiki for Kids - $40 per child ($35 if more than one child in the family attends together)

Group rates (4 or more) - $70/person (Reiki I only)

Deposits, Cancellations, and Payments

A deposit of $25.00 is due prior to class for Reiki I, and a $50 deposit is due for Reiki II and Reiki III.  A $100 deposit is required before Mastership training begins.

Cancellation policy: If cancellation notice is given 2 weeks prior to the class, the entire deposit will be refunded.  If notice is given the week of class, a $10.00 fee is charged.  If you don't show up, the entire deposit is forfeit.

Class fees include all class materials, water and snacks.

Check or Cash only.  Sorry, no credit or debit cards.

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