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Ladies, if you suffer from menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, there are flower essences that can help relieve these frustrating issues. Contact me for your custom formula.

Reiki Retreat, Retreat, Reiki for Kids, Children Reiki

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     Angelic Reiki - Soul Healing for Our Time

  Angelic Reiki was channelled from Archangel Metatron by the late Kevin Core in 2002/3.  It is an energy work method by which the practitioner connects, with the help of angelic healer(s), to Divine energy to raise the vibrational rate of the client, thus causing old thought forms to be removed and transmuted to a higher vibration. This in turn allows non-harmonious mental, emotional and physical conditions to be released, bringing better health.  But the healing doesn't stop at these levels.  It goes even to the Soul level, making way for an even deeper healing.

    Our planet and the people living on it need to raise our collective energy levels to a higher vibration in order to bring us into alignment with our higher purpose.  Angelic Reiki is not religion-based, but a spiritual connecting to higher Source.  It is a gentle, spiritual healing brought in with the help of the Angelic Realm.

    Please check out to learn more about this amazing modality. 

    I now offer Angelic Reiki sessions.  The fee is $40 for a session that lasts about 1/2 hour.  Please contact me at 406-698-3498 or to schedule a session or for more information.



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