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Ladies, if you suffer from menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, there are flower essences that can help relieve these frustrating issues. Contact me for your custom formula.

Reiki Retreat, Retreat, Reiki for Kids, Children Reiki

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Flower Essence Therapy
for Animals

How Animals Benefit

Animals can benefit from the Flower Essences in the same way than humans can, as emotional and behavioral issues are dealt with in this gentle, natural healing method. The Essences work on a higher level to effect changes in behavior and attitudes that need to be addressed and brought into the open in order for the animal to be whole and healthy.

Using the Healing Powers of the Flowers

Flower Essences are "potentized" liquid plant preparations.  Each remedy is made from a specific flower having a certain "signature" or energy imprint that addresses specific emotions, behavior patterns, or attitudes and physical problems.  Using the flower essences, we can help an animal overcome problems and make him/her a happier animal!

Problems that can be addressed

Biting, barking, separation anxiety, new animal in the house, helping an abused animal regain confidence, depression from loss of owner, vet visit panic, speeding healing after surgery, fear of loud noises, and lots of other situations.

Taking the Essence along with your Animal Companion

Animals are extremely sensitive to their caregivers' emotions and thoughts.  In order to maximize the Flower Essence treatment, you both need to be "on the same wavelength".  The caregiver should always be taking the formula when their animal is taking it.  You can take it twice a day, upon rising and at bedtime.  They need to have it three or four (optimum) times a day.  This way you'll both be working toward the same goal, consciously and unconsciously.

Animals of All Sizes

Although it may seem that most of what I've talked about is geared toward dogs and cats, be assured that all kinds of animals can be helped by the Essences.  Horses can be calmed during trailering; birds can be helped with feather pulling; fish can prosper with a few drops of an essence in their tank.  So don't forget Flower Essences for any of our non-human friends when a health or emotional/mental problem pops up.

Please be sure to see your veterinarian first, and have her/him check for any physical problems that may be the cause of other problems.

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