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Ladies, if you suffer from menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, there are flower essences that can help relieve these frustrating issues. Contact me for your custom formula.

Reiki Retreat, Retreat, Reiki for Kids, Children Reiki

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Flower Essence Therapy

Using the Healing Powers of the Flowers

Flower Essences are potentized liquid plant preparations.  Each remedy is made from a specific flower having a certain signature or energy imprint that addresses specific emotions, behavior patterns, or attitudes.  Using the flower essences, we can integrate our body and soul, becoming a happier being.

The Essences work on a higher level to effect changes in our inner life.  They facilitate our self-awareness of issues, often hidden, that need to be addressed and brought into the open in order for us to be whole and healthy.

Because our emotional and mental states affect us physically, dealing with these issues in our lives can help heal our body as well.

How Flower Essences are Made

Each remedy is made from a specific flower.  Fresh blossoms picked at the perfect time are infused in a bowl of water in the morning sun.  The Essence of the flower, it's energetic identity, is captured in the water which is then preserved with brandy.  This mother essence is then diluted to a stock level which can be further diluted to a dosage level.

Who Discovered the Flower Essences

In the 1930's, an Englishman by the name of Dr. Edward Bach discovered the flowers' ability to help us heal on a level beyond the physical. Through extensive research, Dr. Bach recognized the connection between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and how mental and emotional problems eventually created physical illness or disease in the body. 

Dr. Bach created 38 flower essences to address mental-emotional problems and help us work toward integrating the body, mind and soul, bringing us more balanced and healthy lives.

The number of flower essences has been greatly expanded since Dr. Bach's first 38, but each essence facilitates a deeper connection with our true selves.

How to Use Essences

Although powerful, the flower essences are very safe and easy to use.  They are completely natural so can easily be combined with other medicines without drug interactions or side effects.  The essences can be taken orally from a dropper bottle, rubbed into the skin, misted around the body or room, or added to bath water.

Working with the flower essences in a conscious partnership, and combined with a program of healthful eating, exercise and contemplation, you can help yourself become a more integrated, happy being. Join me, and discover the amazing and wonderful world of Flower Essences.

Flower Essences are not a substitute for professional medical care. They are complimentary and alternative. Be sure to check with your physician if a health problem arises.

Please read my report in the International Research Journal of the Flower Essence Society!

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