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Ladies, if you suffer from menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, there are flower essences that can help relieve these frustrating issues. Contact me for your custom formula.

Reiki Retreat, Retreat, Reiki for Kids, Children Reiki

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From Vicka's Clients

Long distance Reiki

  •  I really felt your last session was very strong and it moved me that you could sense and clear the tarry substance around my heart. I am certainly at a lighter more compassionate level now.

    The session seemed very strong. It felt like I was in a warm pink bath.  There was a lot of release from my legs (I had had a bad bicycle fall  in January and am just starting to be able to walk again  unassisted)....a lot of trauma released there.
    Also it seemed that there had been some open 'holes' in my aura which  are now sealed. ~ S.G., Arlington, MA

  • “I was in so much pain that I was only aware of the first 10-15 minutes of the Reiki treatment. My whole body relaxed – it felt like a soft, fluffy cloud around me, and I dozed right off!” ~ A.T., Brecksville, OH

  • “On Tuesday night before we went to Traci’s wedding, I was tired and hurting a bit. [When the session started] I felt my feet warming up and relaxing some. Then it worked its way up my entire body. My tiredness decreased about half. On Thursday night [during the Reiki session] I relaxed and I felt a lot of the feelings of indecision about going to the wedding sort of dissolve and there were no problems the whole 3 days. I’m sure most of this was the feeling you were there, especially those 2 nights. Thank you.”  ~ H.L., Missoula, MT

  • Soon after my mother was diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer she asked me to contact Vicka to ask her to do Reiki treatments for her. My mother had begun traditional treatments but believed very strongly in the power of healing in non-traditional ways. I think it's important to know that my mother talked to her many doctors about the idea of having Reiki and they all supported it completely. I think my mother and Vicka initially spoke on the phone to set up times that treatment would be done long distance since they lived several hundred miles apart.

    It's my belief that Vicka and Reiki helped my mother in a number of ways. I truly believe that Reiki helped with anxiety, giving my mother a sense of calmness and peace during a very scary time. I also believe the Reiki treatments helped lessen the side effects of treatment. My mother underwent very aggressive chemotherapy and radiation and was told to expect certain side effects. Many of these side effects never materialized and those that did were apparently relatively mild. Her doctors were very impressed with how she tolerated treatment. In addition to many invasive procedures my mother ultimately underwent a very extensive surgery quickly followed by two more. During these times I think Reiki helped with pain. Again, every doctor my mother dealt with was amazed at how she tolerated and handled pain after invasive procedures and surgeries.  ~ E.L., Polson, MT

Reiki Treatment Services

  • “I was scheduled for major surgery last January and was feeling pretty apprehensive about it. Together Vicka and I put together a schedule starting about six weeks before the surgery when I would come for a treatment. There were four treatments with one scheduled the Friday before the surgery. From the very first visit, I felt a calmness that had been absent and this continued to build up with each treatment. On the day of the surgery, she sent me long distance Reiki that morning. On the day after the operation, Vicka came to the hospital and treated the area of the surgery. She also cleansed the room of some negative energy using the Reiki energy. The power of the Reiki process was illustrated when at a follow-up session, one of my surgeons remarked that I was so very calm when I arrived in the operating room and after the surgery. So of course, I told her about Reiki and Vicka!!!!”  ~J.J., Billings, MT

  • “I have experienced the benefits of Reiki for general relief and comfort, as well as for relief from surgical pain and radiation. It is difficult to describe the complete transformation achieved through Reiki-relief from pain, an overall feeling of wellness, relaxation and lack of stress that remains with a person. I highly recommend that you try Reiki to truly experience its wide realm of benefits.” ~ A. R. Billings, MT

Flower Essences

  • I talked to her [Vicka] for my problems here at home were horrible. Everything was out of control. Vicka was very helpful, understanding and took my information down on my daughter [adopted] and husband. I started giving them the essences and spraying spritz's around and WOW it works wonderfully!!! In 2 weeks her [the daughter's] private councelor called me and was totally amazed about a complete turn around she had after using the product only 2 weeks. She was surprised to see my daughter so happy, she joined the school's crosscountry team, her grades went back up to A's, [she was] happier and even talked about how much better her and my husband were getting along. Everything had a huge, big wonderful change. This is an amazing wonderful product... It's made a true believer out of me!  - D.F., Sunbright, TN

  • For years and years I suffered with very bad hot flashes for which I choose not to take medical medicine because of side effects I didn't want to encounter. The last fifteen years hot flashes haven't been as severe but very bothersome during the night so that I didn't sleep well, draining my strength.

    The first part of October 2007 Vicka introduced me to a formula for flower essences made for hot flashes. Following the formula amounts and times of day, by the middle of November I wasn't waking up as much during the night and my day activities were very tolerable. I seemed to be more ambitious.
    As of February 2008 I've cut my dosage to three times a day and I feel good and am sleeping well. I'll continue with this program Vicka gave me to try.
    I like what it's doing. Thanks so much.    ~ J.P., Vancouver, WA

  • “Over the past several years I’ve benefited many times from Vicka’s long distance Reiki treatments, which have never failed to be affective. She responds to what she feels and focuses on specific areas as accurately as if she were treating me in person.  I’ve also used her flower essence remedies to help deal with our dog’s aggressive attitude toward other dogs when she’s on a leash. There was an immediate and sustained improvement in her behavior. The treatments undeniably contributed to making our walks fun rather than tense.”  ~S.L., Brooklyn, NY

  • “After dealing with an extremely pushy and demanding puppy, I contacted Vicka on the advice of my dog trainer. A brief conversation about the issues we were having yielded our very own flower essence – made special for us! What a difference it made. After about a week, I started to notice a real decrease in his naughty behavior. The flower essences, along with a good trainer yielded a much nicer puppy. Thank you, Vicka!”  ~C.H., Billings, MT

  • "It started working right away.  The severity and length decreased gradually over the first week.  By the second week I only had to take the essence morning and night and then for 2 weeks didn't have to take any then had a flash and started taking again mornings and now don't have any.  Good stuff!" - M.R., Big Timber, MT

  • “About 18 months ago, my otherwise always healthy border collie became quite ill, broke out with sores all over his body and lost every bit of his coat. Several trips to the vet and medical injections later, his condition just kept deteriorating. We were certain we’d lose him when I contacted Vicka about flower essences. I’d used them for myself with good results for various minor ailments but this was so severe! Well, I noticed improvement in Jake immediately. Within a very short time his coat was coming back and he completely recovered in a remarkable amount of time. Not long after that I recommended Vicka’s flower essences to my son whose cat had a failing liver, would not eat and was on the verge of imminent death. They used the essences for just a few days before the cat began eating food again and moving around the house. The cat, like my Jake, recovered. I cannot say enough good things about the essences for people and pets. They are the first thing I think of when an ailment pops up.”  ~ A.R., Billings, MT

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